Online Embroidery Thread Charts and Conversion


Ackermann Pantone to Isafil Conversion Chart
Ackermann Pantone to Isacord Conversion Chart
Ackermann Yenmet to Pantone Conversion  Chart
Ackermann Isacord to Pantone, Madeira, Robison Color Matching
Isafil to Pantone, Madeira, Robison Color Matching

Isacord to Pantone Conversion
Isafil to Pantone Conversion

Alko Sewing Janome Thread to R-A Poly, Mettler Poly, Brother Poly, Madeira Rayon and Poly, and Sulky Rayon Conversion Chart
Angus Sewing Brother Thread to Madeira Rayon, Madeira Poly, and Sulky Conversion Chart
AnntheGran Sulky to Isacord Conversion Chart
AnntheGran Brother to ARC Conversion Chart
AnntheGran Isacord to ARC Poly Conversion Chart
AnntheGran Madeira to ARC Conversion Chart
Babylock Babylock to Sulky & Madeira  Conversion Chart
Beacon Fabric Isacord to Sylko Conversion Chart
Madeira to Sylko Conversion Chart
Sulky to Sylko Conversion Chart
Becky J Designs DMC-Madeira-ARC-Fufu-R-A Conversion Table
Brother EMB PAS Store COATS Sylko to Madeira Poly Neon Conversion Chart
Digi Demon Marathon Rayon to Poly Cross Reference PDF
Embroidery Designs Convert Pantone color to Robison-Anton, Madeira, Ackermann, or Sulky or vice versa.
Embroidery Online
  • Isacord to Sulky Conversion Chart (Includes the 36 colors added in 2003!)
  • Isacord to Sulky, Madeira, Mettler thread Conversion Chart 
  • YLI Variations/Isacord Conversion Chart
Free Embroidery Stuff Pantone to Robison-Anton, Madeira, Ackermann, and Sulky Conversion
Marathon Threads Canada Marathon to Pantone Matching Chart Thread converter to and from  Janome, Madeira Rayon, Madeira Poly, Mettler, R-A Rayon, R-A Poly, & Sulky
My Thread Box This nifty little program will convert to and from too many different thread palettes to mention here.  Click on the link to see all of them.
RNK Distributing Floriani/Marathon Conversion
Floriani/DMC/Madeira Conversion/ARC/RA Conversion
Floriani/Isacord Conversion 
Floriani/Brother Conversion
Floriani/Sulky/Janome Conversion
Floriani/RA Conversion
Robinson-Anton Pantone to R-A Comparison
Sulky to R-A Comparison
Madeira to R-A Comparison
Isacord to R-A Comparison
The Sewing Room Janome Acrylic to R-A, Mettler, Madeira, Sulky
Sewphisticated Stitcher Sulky to Madeira Thread Conversion Chart

Brother to Madeira Thread Conversion Chart

Janome to Madeira Thread Conversion Chart

Coats to Madeira Thread Conversion Chart

Mettler to Madeira Thread Conversion Chart

Sherio Productions Pantone conversion chart to Madeira Rayon, Madeira Polyneon, Robison Anton Rayon, Robison Anton Polyester, Brother Rayon, Brother Polyester, Isafil, Isacord, FuFu Rayon, FuFu Polyester, Marathon Rayon, Marathon Polyester, Sulky, &  DMC
Thread Artist Sulky, Madeira, & Mettler to Isacord Conversion Chart
Universal Design Embroidery Thread Database for Pantone, Madeira, Sulky, R-A, Isafil, Wire, & Fufu Rayons
Windstar Embroidery RA #122 Rayon to Madeira Rayon

RA #122 Super Strength Rayon™ to Sulky (Gunold) Rayon

RA #122 Super Strength Rayon™ to RA #122 Super Brite Polyester®

RA #122 Super Brite Polyester® to Isacord Polyester

RA #122 Super Brite Polyester® to Sulky (Gunold) Polyester

Wonderfil Janome, Madeira, Sulky, Isafil, Marathon, and R-A to Wonderfil Conversion  Charts
ABC Embroidery Designs ThreaDelight Poly Color Chart
Ackermann Isafil Color Chart
Ackermann Isacord Color Chart
American & Efird Mettler Color Charts
Beacon Fabric Machine Quilting Thread Color Card
Metrosene Plus® Color Card
Sylko Embroidery Thread Color Card
YLI Glazed Quilting Thread Color Card
Heirloom and Silk Thread Color Card
Iridescent Embroidery Thread Color Card
Metallic Embroidery Thread Color Card
Monet Embroidery Thread Color Card
Brother EMB PAS Store Madeira Polyester and Rayon Color Cards
Charming Station Coats & Clark Trilobal Polyester Embroidery Thread Color Chart
Dakota Collectibles Madeira Rayon Color Chart
Digi Demon Marathon Poly Color Chart
Dobcroft Farm Brother Satin Finish and Country Threads Color Chart
Embroidery & Sewing Supplies Inc. Fufu Polyester, Floriani Poly Color Charts
Embroidery Online Mettler - 
  • Mettler Color Chart for Magic Box
  • Extra Stark
  • Metallic
  • Metrosene
  • Overlock
  • Polysheen
  • Quilting
  • Silk-Finish
  • Silky Sheen
  • Sticken

Yenmet Metallic Thread Chart


  • Isacord/Isafil RGB Color Chart 
  • Isacord Color Description Chart
Embroidery Source Kingstar Polyester Color Chart 
EmbSupplies Color Charts for Isacord 
Marathon Rayon, Polyester, & Metallic Charts
Marathon Threads Canada Rayon, Polyester, Variegated, & Metallic Charts
Marvelous Creations Brother Thread Charts (name & number only):
     Country Yarn
Melco Go to Thread, then Spools, then on the chart you need. ARC Poly Color Chart
ARC Rayon Color Chart
ARC Metallic Color Chart
Oregon Patchworks Marathon Rayon Color Charts
Peacock Embroidery Supplies Peacock Rayon, Twister Tweed Rayon, Metallic, Polyester, and Variegated Thread Charts
Quality Logo Products ARC Color Chart and
Pantone Matching System Color Chart
RNK Distributing Floriani Color Chart
Robinson-Anton R-A Rayon Color Chart
R-A Polyester Color Chart
Soft Expressions DMC Cotton Machine Embroidery Thread
Splinters & Threads Signature, Sulky Holoshimmer, Superior, & YLI Candlelight Color Charts
Stan's Sewing Supplies Guttermann Thread Chart
Stirling Embroidery Kingstar,  Coats Alcazar & Robison-Anton Twister Color Charts
Sulky Ultratwist, Poly-Deco, Rayon, Metallic, Cotton, Blendables, &  HoloShimmer Color Charts
ThreadArt All types of thread & online charts
Thread Artist ARC Polyester Color Chart
TreadleArt Mettler Cotton Thread Chart
Ultima Poly Ultima Poly Color Charts
Windstar Embroidery RA Super Strength Rayon Thread Color Chart

RA Twister Tweeds & Variegated Thread Color Chart

RA #122 Super Brite Polyester Thread Color Chart

YLI Corporation YLI Color Charts (Look under Products, then Embroidery)
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